Speed Racer Wallpaper

Mach 5

Elegant Speed Racer wallpaper featuring Mach 5



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This wallpaper is one of the best movie wallpapers we have seen, because it features the elegant car Mach 5 on a black background, with no extra colors, no flashing stars and names surrounding it, just the amazing car.

Usually, wallpapers of movies are very complex and when set as background they are not useful because the high quantity of colors of the wallpaper makes you feel dizzy and you can't find the icons because they are mixed up with the wallpaper.

Mach 5 is the car driven by Speed Racer, a driver who idolized his brother Rex Racer, who died in a race and left behind a legacy that Speed Racer is driven to fulfill.

Speed Racer will be in theaters May 9th and you can start enjoying this magic wallpaper featuring the amazing Mach 5, thanks to Speed Racer wallpaper.

This wallpaper is 1280 x 1024.

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